Save up to $50 on your purchase of the new i1Studio with our exclusive trade-in offer.

To Qualify, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Take a picture of your
i1Studio receipt.

Step 2:

Cut out the UPC code from the i1Studio box and photograph it with your old device.

Step 3:

Complete and submit
the online form below.


Get $50 for any device that calibrate monitors and printers (spectrophotometer). Or get $25 for devices that ONLY calibrate monitors/displays (Colorimeter). We will accept any colorimeter or spectrophotometer for this trade-in program
...even if it is not an
X-Rite product!


    More details about trade-in process

    Q: What products are eligible for trade in?
    A: Any colorimeter or spectrophotometer, even it it isn't an X-Rite product. 

    Q: How will I receive the savings?
    A: Once your purchase and trade-in have been verified, we will send a check for the qualifying amount within 12 weeks. 

    Q: Do I need to send in the trade-in prodcut?
    A: There is no need to send in the trade-in product.

    Q: My device has been well used. What condition does the gear have to be in?
    A: Don’t worry! The units don’t have to be functional, however if it's an X-Rite product, please try to get us the serial number. 

    Q: Is there a limit to the number of devices I can trade in? 
    A: No. However, this is a one-for-one trade-in program. In other words, it is not stackable. You can only receive one trade in credit for one new i1Studio purchase.

    Q: Can the trade in be done at my local camera store if I don’t want to deal with shipping?
    A: No. This offer is only valid when completed via this online webform.

    Q: I’m a student, can I participate if I purchased my older device at an EDU discount? 
    A: Yes you can! For more information on special pricing for students and educators please head to www.photovideoedu.com

    Q :When does the trade in program end?
    A: The trade in offer is valid on purchases made until December 31, 2017. All trade in forms must be completed and submitted before January 31, 2018 for credit.